Richmond Rotary Club Member

Chew was a well respected member of the renowned Richmond Rotary Club for over 27 years. He was awarded for his years of service and support of charities for decades. Many of the long-standing friendships between members were formed by their love of giving back to the community and happy memories of working together. Chew was famous among his peers as one of the first Asian members of the club as well as for taking photos at events for years. He even had his own feature section in the weekly newsletter titled “Chew’s Chan-did Camera”. Countless laughs and jokes have been shared during his time as a member.


陳先生是享誉盛名的烈治满扶輪社协会会员,擁有超过27年的经验,他憑藉数十年来为慈善事业提供的服务和支持獲奬。成员之间的許多長期友谊源於对回饋社区的热爱和共同努力的美好回忆。陳先生是俱乐部最早的亜洲成員之一,出銭出力,在同行中颇有名氣,並经常在活动中拍照多年,他甚至在每週的时事通讯 “Chew’s Chan-did Camera” 中都有自己的專题欄目。在他担任会员期间,他分享了无数的笑声和趣事。

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