Tai Chi Enthusiast

In his later years, Chew picked up Tai Chi to improve his health in retirement. Tai Chi had many amazing benefits for him, who had suffered from diabetes for many years. Chew made many cherished friends through numerous Tai Chi groups in Balwyn, Box Hill and other parts of Melbourne. He even regularly participated in competitions, shows, and performances at aged care homes and public holiday parades. He was very popular and was never short of social invitations by those who appreciated his kind character and enthusiasm for Tai Chi.

Chew’s daughter is currently looking for photos of Chew’s many performances. Please send photos by email to Susanna at aboutsusanna86@gmail.com.


在他的晚年,陳先生拾起太極拳以改善退休后的健康状况,太極对患有糖尿病多年的他有很多益處,陳先生通过Balwyn, Box hill and Melbourne 其他地区的眾多太極拳小组结交了许多志同道合的朋友。他甚至定期參加老年䕶理院和公共假日遊行中的比賽和表演。他非常受欢迎,并且受到了那些欣赏他的仁慈性格和对太極拳热情的人们的欢迎。

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