In Memory

Chew Deen Chan


It is with great sadness that we share the news of Chew’s passing on the 7 July 2020. He passed away during a heart bypass surgery after a cardiac event a few days prior.

Chew was loved by many, especially his family, friends and colleagues. Unfortunately, during this time of COVID19, his family is unable to host a funeral. However, we wish to offer Chew’s family and friends the opportunity to grieve, pay respects to his memory, and celebrate his life.

Please contribute your messages and share your good memories by writing a comment on each page linked below or posting on our Facebook Page.

陳超年深受許多人的爱戴,尤其是他的家人,朋友和同事。不幸的是,在这段COVID 19期间,他的家人无法举辦葬礼,但是,我们希望为陳氏的家人和朋友提供一个悼念的机会,尊重他这一生的記憶,並庆祝他的一生。
請通过在下面鏈接的每个頁面上寫評論或在我们的Facebook 页面上発佈来貢獻您的信息並分享您的美好回忆。谢谢🙏

  1. Dear Susanna, We have been deeply saddened by the sudden news of your dad’s passing and are at a loss…

  2. As featured in the Richmond Rotary Bulletin July 13th VALE CHEW CHAN It was with great sadness that the Club…

  3. Chew was one of our reputable business partners as well as long-time family friend. Nothing can describe our sorrows enough…

  4. Always had a smile on his face: a truly nice guy. RIP Chew.

  5. Keng Haw on Friend

    陳超年千古 福寿全歸,永远怌念你! Wish him well in the next adventure. You will be fondly remembered by all. Rest In Peace!

6 thoughts on “In Memory

  1. Susanna, I think of your dad every time I have mangoes. He shared the BEST mangoes the first time I visited you all in Australia. Always so hospitable. I’m so sorry for your loss. May this be a time of healing for your family.


  2. I remember living with my sister and brother in law in London, England for almost a year, and your care and love for me is still unforgettable! Thank you for your concern and care. Your generosity, thoughtfulness and kindness will always be remembered. Rest in peace, brother in law, you will be missed!


  3. Chew was one of our reputable business partners as well as long-time family friend. Nothing can describe our sorrows enough when we heard that he passed away in St. Vincent’s Hospital. We expected to visit him after his recovery from the surgery. Unfortunately, we could not have a chance to see him again. We still remember the times we have had together, his friendly cheerful smile, humorous personality will be always remembered. He will be missed. RIP
    from Lee family (David, Doris, John & Anthony)


  4. As featured in the Richmond Rotary Bulletin July 13th
    It was with great sadness that the Club was informed of the death of Chew Chan. Chew’s daughter Susanna wrote from the USA, It’s incredibly sad to write you that my Dad passed away yesterday in St Vincent’s Hospital after a heart bypass surgery. He had a sudden heart attack on Thursday. It’s a shock to a lot of my family and my dad’s close friends who were not expecting it.
    It’s a difficult time with all the pandemic measures to foresee how my Dad might have a proper farewell, and once I understand what that entails, I will be sure to share that with you and all of his fellow Richmond Rotarians who were such dear friends to him”
    In the words of Trevor Pang, Chew is “fondly remembered as a talented, humble & positive man with a deep commitment to serve. However in many ways, unnecessarily hindered by shyness, command of English & self-doubting “Rotary expertise”.
    Nevertheless, his broad smile, quiet demeanor & seamless encouragement always engendered an air of cohesion in his presence.”
    Chew joined the club on 1992 and became a Paul Harris Fellow in 2009-2010.
    My first memories of Chew stem from our days of a 4-member team rostered to oversee the Richmond marker outside Officeworks. His big smile was always a winner and encouraged many sales especially of Rotary sausages.
    Chew was very generous and supplied Computers etc for prizes at Rotary events. I particularly remember when I was secretary and bulletin editor to President Simon Marriott, Chew supplied me with a much fancier computer than the one I had been using. He was never too busy to help with tech problems – as a novice I had plenty!
    I will always cherish the endearing friendship between Chew and John Griffith. For many years Chew transported John to Rotary meetings. Not always an easy task as John’s failing health often made the trip fraught with difficulties. I will never forget the two of them laughing like schoolboys after one adventure. John had been locked out of his care home and He decided he would return to his former home for the night. At 2.30 Chew received a phone call for the home demanding that John be returned. Chew went to retrieve John (in his pyjamas and much to Lulu’s chagrin). John was not easily aroused form his sleep, but eventually was taken back. It was just wonderful to see them both laughing so heartily about this.
    Another time they got lost travelling to the RYPEN Camp the club catered for. Once again two schoolboys chortling with delight at their silliness.
    My last memory of Chew was when he brought his entire Tai-Chi class from Box Hill to our Motto Pop-up Shop in Richmond! He was delighted at their spending.
    Chew was a wonderful photographer and was diligent in recording club events. At the end of my presidential year 2012-2013, Chew presented me with several CDs – a visual record. As he was mostly behind the camera there are not many of Chew
    We will miss Chew and send our condolences to Susanna and her husband JJ. (Both members of our Oxygen young people’s group) and to Lulu Chew’s wife.
    Hopefully when COVID is over we will be able to get together and celebrate the life of Chew.
    Sue and Kevin Bolton


  5. Dear Susanna, We have been deeply saddened by the sudden news of your dad’s passing and are at a loss for words. I have great memories of the short time I worked for him, as he was such a kind uncle and always greeted me with a big smile. May the Lord give you and your families comfort and strength through this difficult time, we are grieving with you all. Much love.


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